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Celeste Wrona is an Australian contemporary artist with over a decade of experience making and teaching visual arts. Her vibrant collection celebrates free-flowing form, texture, and colour. Celeste's works are held in private collections worldwide and her work is often exhibited around Australia. Her work has recently featured in the 2017 series of Channel 7's "House Rules" and in the 2016 series of Channel 9's "The Block". Celeste and her work have also been featured in a variety of well-known publications, both in print and online including Vogue Living, Inside Out Magazine and Art Almanac. Celeste was recently commissioned by the Ingham Institute of Medical Research in Sydney to create three artworks based on cancer cells as seen under the Merlin Microscope. Celeste was interviewed by Channel 7’s Natalie Barr on the process and concept behind these works. Celeste will be furthering her exploration into the influence of science within her artmaking though two artist residencies in 2017 at Monash University's Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Melbourne and at the Ingham Institute of Medical Research, Sydney.

Celeste has created artworks and wearable art pieces for many high profile clients including Lady Mary Fairfax, Natalie Barr and Prue Macsween.

Celeste was born, in 1983 in Kogarah, Sydney to an Italian/Albanian immigrant family, that relocated to Australia in search of a better life following World War II. As a toddler, her family moved to Sydney’s south-west where she remained during her formative years, before moving to the Macarthur Region to establish her family and career.

As a child, Celeste demonstrated a natural artistic ability and her passion and love for art throughout her adolescence lead her to pursue art professionally. Celeste successfully gained entry to the prestigious University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts (COFA) in 2001. It was here that she further developed and refined her innate artistic skills as well as completed a Bachelor of Art Education degree.

In 2005, Celeste gained full tenure with the NSW Department of Education to teach Secondary Visual Arts. Celeste has taught many students that have also established themselves as successful artists. She finds great joy in moulding and watching students grow both intellectually and creatively each day.  

After originally starting out as a traditional European-styled pencil artist, Celeste’s artmaking organically evolved in style and media, however, regardless of her material practice, she was always drawn back to the raw beauty and complexity of nature. Her paintings and mixed media works are indicative of a more sophisticated re-invigoration of style, colour, texture and form. 

Celeste loves to get lost in the flux and flow of the artmaking process and is drawn in by the unpredictable nature and organic movement of working with inks and fluid painting. She invites the viewer to lose themselves within the picture and at the same time, the pictures themselves stare back and hold the viewer's reflective attention. 


2017 ACMD Prize, St Vincent's Gallery, Fitzroy, Melbourne

2017 Magic Of Merlin, Inghams Institute of Medical Research, Annual Luncheon, Camden

2016 Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Art Centre, Campbelltown

2016 The Other Art Fair, The Commune, Sydney

2016 Practice What You Teach, M2 Gallery, Surry Hills

2016 The Gorge & Friends, Campbelltown Art Centre, Campbelltown

2016 Art For Change - Charity Auction and Exhibition, YGAP, Melbourne 

2016 Opening Exhibition, Canvas Bar & Gallery, Kent St Sydney



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