Celeste has the opportunity to work on many exciting custom projects and unique commissions. From beautiful fine art pieces to oversized and grand installations for gallery, commercial and residential spaces, Celeste is always excited by the challenge of a new project.

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In 2018 Celeste Wrona collaborated with Video Artist and Animator Ben Draisma to create a 360 degree immersive video artwork. Within this work the viewer was taken on a journey through Celeste's works like never before. Completed surrounded, encompassed in an awe inspiring sensory experience that removed them from place and time and took them into a world of eternal colour, light and form. The viewer is both captivated with wonder whilst simultaneously becoming aware and humbled by their small place in this infinite universe.


Foyer Multi Panel Installation


Celeste was invited to create a unique and vibrant art piece for the foyer of a Surry Hills commercial building. Celeste worked closely with the building’s strata management and interior designer to ensure the artwork worked perfectly with their brief and space. This original artwork was created on multi layered frameless acrylic panels of various dimensions jutting in and out of the walls surface, creating a sense of depth and interest to viewers both as they pass the building and enter the foyer.

Lift Wallpaper Installation


Celeste was commissioned by a Sydney based client to create an original artwork which would then be transformed into a wallpaper print for the three-story lift shaft in her residence. Celeste worked very closely with the client's vision to have an 8.5-meter-high custom artwork to be viewed within the lift shaft from their glass lift. The colours slowly change as you ascend and descend the three levels. A very unique project and breath-taking to see up-close on such a large scale. 


Art Residency


Celeste’s love of nature and organic form has also led her to explore the link between science and art. In 2017 she undertook two separate art residencies, one with the Ingham Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, where she looked at cancer at a nano-level under the world class Merlin microscope, and the other with The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute in Melbourne, where she explored the work of scientists and the cellular structures of animals that were being explored in their research into regenerative medicine. The series of artworks she created from these residencies focus on the juxtaposition of the aesthetic beauty in the complex colours, textures, lines and patterns in these organic forms and the highly emotional and personal significance they have to those who have a connection with cancer and degenerative diseases. 

Celeste was later interviewed my Channel 7’s Natalie Barr about the connection between science and her art. Some of the pieces from this residency were also exhibited as part of a group exhibition titled “Regeneration” at St Heliers St Gallery in Victoria, Australia.