"Bougainvillea Dreaming I, II, III & IV " 2017 Celeste Wrona

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"Bougainvillea Dreaming I, II, III & IV” 2017 

Ink and acrylic on Timber Panel
4 pieces - 20 x 20cm each

This series of artworks “Bougainvillea Dreaming” reflect upon the falling blooms of the vibrantly beautiful Bougainvillea Vine that Celeste spent her childhood dreaming under, in the garden of her family home. The works bring about a great sense of nostalgia, passion, energy and renewal. Allowing the audience to become lost in the textures and colours and transport themselves to another place and time.  

This artworks were awarded for their excellence at the "Little Treasures" exhibition in Bologna Italy by Trevisan Art International in 2017.  

Would you like to see this work in your space?  Email us a photo of your space and works you're after to SEE A VIDEO OF THIS PROCESS HERE. 

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